lava mignonie earring

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The hook is silver and plated in black without nickle.
The black wire is made from mixed metal.
(color will not be changed, please keep in plastic bag after use)

The wire piece is all handmade. It takes many hours to finish one piece, depends on mind quality. If we are not in a good mood, it absolutely won't work. I intend to design the lava stones which their sizes are not the same in order to create unique design. This design is one of my best selling items in my store at BACC(Bangkok Art and Culture Centre)

Approx length is 6 cm.(not including the silver hook) Diameter of the big round one is around 4 cm using only 1 wire less connection.

** The earring comes with a fabric bag made by my mom, a dress maker. Shipping by Thailand post takes 15-20 days. **

At beginning, i did all by myself and presented my wire work by myself at BACC, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok Thailand. It has been 6-7 years now. I have got good feedback from tourists. Five years ago, I trained some villagers in Udonthani and Nakon Nayok province to do wire with my techniques. It takes me at least a year on training them and a couple of years to find right persons to work with. Now I have around 4-5 skilled persons to help me. Most of them are housewife. They are happy that they don't need to leave their home town in order to have extra income. They can stay at home taking care of children and family and do their job. These square pieces are made by a villager living in Udonthani province and a lady staying in Nakhon Nayok province. I am happy and lucky to have her to help me. After training her for almost a year, her work is beautiful. She is happy to have income by doing wire at her home and still can take care of her family. ****************************************************************** Thank you so much that you like my wire design and thank you for your support. ^__^ wishing you a happy day

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