space * 15 inches

...every relationship needs space.

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Necklace space * 15 inches


For me, I feel that every relationship needs space.

Don't you agree?


The wire ball does not present women or men unlike the 'in love' design(15 inches /24 inches / 32 inches). So the wire balls in 'space' design in all equal in size.






Product info:

* all made of sterling silver and hand-made

* length 15 inches with 2-inches adjusting chain

* This is for woman only.


How to keep & clean:

* keep in plastic bag to protect oxidizing which turning to be black color

* if it is turned black, it is looked more antique.

* if you don't like the black color, this is a method to clean:

1. boil water with few alum

2. put the necklace into the pot carefully

3. when all dirty removes and turn white/silver, turn off the gas

4. take the necklace out and rinse with water

5. dry with soft cotton


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