Young bitch necklace

Young bitch necklace...too sexy to be committed

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The concept is I assume that a wire ball is a human so a bigger ball is representing a man. And smaller ball is a woman.

It is physical not human rights or ability at all.


So this necklace is named 'young bitch' because she has many men, many big balls. And because she is sexy so the necklace is coated with pink gold.


Product info:

* all made of sterling silver and hand-made

* length 24 inches with 2-inches adjusting chain

* This is for woman only.



* if you want it in gold or white, it can be glided with real gold and naturally white. please contact me.





How to keep & clean:

* keep in plastic bag to protect oxidizing which turning to be black color

* if it is turned black, it is looked more antique.

* if you don't like the black color, this is needed to go to coating process.

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