cute necklace showing your emotion

e m o t i o n      p l a y s
which face is you? 

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My first collection was 'what if a ball is human?'
Not only it is simply and practical but also it makes customers laugh and enjoy it.

While my craft skill has been better, I develop another concept.
What if the wire that I weave could be a hair?
And would it be fun if a face can tell emotion?


So here is 'emotion plays'

h a p p y ^.^  .....for a woman who is /want to be happy and enjoy life. 
m o o d y ! !   .....for a woman who is easily to get angry,
                           cannot wait too long,
                           hard to be pleased, etc
s l e e p y -.-   .....for a sleepy woman, 
                          enjoy being comfortable in bed,
                          easy to cry,
                          hard to hurt other feelings
c h i l l            .....for an angel woman who is,
Every faces, price is 900 Baht for silver plated with silver.
1,100 Baht for silver plated with gold / pink / black.
Product info:
* silver collection. The necklace is made of sterling silver 92.5%. The face is made of silver 96%

* hand-made face

* Length 15 inches with 2-inches adjusting chain 

* This is for woman only.

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