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…born in 1978 and graduated Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in marketing. After working in marketing field for 5-6 years, I just found myself that I like art, product design and architecture....just leave me some French books/magazines about art, product design, interior design, I would ask for nothing else...

…a bit late but not too soon to discover and learn…
…living in Toronto, Canada, helped me to understand culture differences and absorbed art. With a small budget, I started doing my first experiment with bead jewelry. I cannot draw and cannot use design computer program so I do wire. It took me quite a long while to do my first collection in my life. Because I had never had any skills. Finally I finished it and presented to 2 designer stores in Toronto, the owners liked my design and accepted to buy. I was very happy and so excited….It was not only to know myself but also inspired me to do more design.
…back to home, Bangkok, I have continued experimenting in jewelry design. It was challenging for me to create jewelry with wire, stones and fabric in my own style without any art skills/basic drawing. Lots of skills to develop. Moreover I have to prove to my family and friends that doing these can make me survive financially.

Luckily I got  a chance to present and sell earrings at TCDC (Thailand Creative and Design Center), PLOY SAENG festival. Wowww, the feedback was positive. Customers like my design. Then.....mignonie brand began

Working with wire is my happiness. In 2009 I got a chance to have a small display selling my hand-made earring at BACC(Bangkok Art and Culture Centre). I did every earring and sell them by myself there. It was fun and tough. And I had learned a lot.
My wire work is all handmade. I got good feedback from many foreigner customers. So I decided to expand my production scale by going to train some villagers in other provinces.
At beginning, it was easy to find them but it was so hard to train them to work nicely. Unbelievable, among 50 persons that I had trained, only 1 girl can do wire ball beautifully. Mind quality does matter too. Now I have around 10 women to help me on wire design. I still do design by myself.

.....looking back on my career path, after graduation, I worked in marketing office. I wanted to know what I really want to do and be happy with it. Then I found that it is product design. I learned, developed and got a chance to present my work to customers. Until I can earn living with it. Now my challenges are to create beautiful designs and to help the villagers to have better life with higher income. And I am happy.

…my name is Ms. Narueporn Sanpakijwattana. (my nick name is mon).
...most of all, I am just a girl who has a passion for simplicity and design…and I enjoy art.
nice to meet you J
mon =^.^=


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