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This is not a brand platform or a marketing campaign to elevate m i g n o n i e brand image. It is rather my personal commitment to return good things to the land that have given me such beautiful life no matter what where I am or any occupations I do.

I like to meditate which makes me awake of emotions/thoughts rising, how angry i am....haha I therefore would like to support all meditation activities such as helping sick monks, supporting meditation course, publishing Buddha book, building meditation place and building residence for monk, especially to some temples that I have been through such as Krai-kung-won temple in Chainart province, Pasukato temple, Na Luang temple , Na Pa Pong temple(A branch of Nong Pa Pong temple), Suansantidham temple .

Apart from that, I also contribute to some poor kids and orphans and support some activities to protect forest.

I am happy to inform you this information so you can feel good on being a part of the contribution too. J



t r a i n   r u r a l   w o m e n 



Since my work is over loaded, instead of hiring staff, I go to train rural women in Udonthani province and Nakorn Nayok province. I gave them free training, materials and tools and then I select only good ones with good skills to work for me.


I feel good to give work to some women who have duties at home, taking care of children and husband or some women having disease blocking them out of working in factory/office. They have higher income without leaving their hometown with flexible working time and place.


However standardization on every piece work cannot be expected. Sometimes to help them have income, designs must be adjusted. On the other hand, sometimes the variety on the craft creates new design for me.


...since then, I have shifted my work goal, not only to serve my desire and enjoy working but to help those women and their family to have better pass on good things


I am feeling good and I am sure this message is making you feel the same.


mon =^.^=


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