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• For beauty and durability of material made of silver glided with gold/pink gold/black/silver/white gold, please do not polish them. Otherwise the gold will remove from the materials. 

• Product should be kept out of bright light as this may fade its color, both fabric and semi-precious stone.
• Never keep product in too-high or too-low temperature, away from moisture
• When finish using, must keep the jewelry in zip-lock plastic bag, the causes of tarnish are exposure to air and skin acidity.
• Never let semi-precious stones touched by contaminated water or any chemical based such as soap, dishwashing liquid, detergent
• Regularly use polishing cloth to clean semi-precious stone.
• Polish silver gently with silver polishing cloth such as a chamois 


Nature of plated jewelry


• The gold/pink gold/silver/black rodium is a few microns thick and will wear off in few months of regular wear.

• The causes of tanish are exposure to air and acidity level in a woman's skin.

• Should not rub off the layer of gold/pink gold/silver/black rodium.
• Should not clean any plated jewelry with a liquid cleaner or rub with cleaning cloth too hard. Just to remove sweat causing tarnish

• Avoid wearing plated jewelry in the bath, shower or when swimming.

• After using, remove body oil, daily grime, sweat with soft cloth
Store plated jewelry in an airtight container such as a sealable bag.



For fabric earring


• Never put any product in an automatic washing machine.
• Clean fabric by soft hand-wash with mild soap and dry in shade.
• If products get wet, first thing to do is to rinse with clean water. Hand-washing and immediate drying with soft cotton is recommended. For sterling silver and semi-precious, remove water by soft cotton and dry in shade.


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